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If your case is not resolved appropriately at one level of court, you may have the ability to appeal the verdict. You also may find yourself in an appeals court if the opposing party in your case appeals the verdict. It is important to remember that an appeals court proceeding is not simply a "re-do" of the initial litigation, and generally, no new information can be presented to the court of appeals.

In an appeal proceeding, the appellate court s primarily concerned with the way the judge or jury handled the case in the lower court. Generally, there is a presumption that the judge or jury acted appropriately. However, if the court of appeals finds that the lower court made an error, the court of appeals can send the matter back to the lower court with directions to reconsider, or in rare circumstances the court of appeals can overturn the verdict.

As an ex-Deputy Attorney General, Rori Ridley has handled hundreds of appeals. At Ridley Legal, we understand how to carefully work through these cases and review the issues for potential appealable error and advise you of the risks and potential benefit of moving forward with an appeal.

Appellate Briefs

Typically, to appeal a case, parties generally file a total of three briefs with the court. The party appealing the judgment (the appellant) files the opening brief, which outlines the background of the trial, the basis for the alleged error, the arguments supporting their position, and the request for relief. Next, the non-appealing party (the respondent) files a responsive brief. This brief argues why the trial court reached what it believed to be the right result, and counters the appellant's arguments, and requests that the verdict be left as it was rendered in the lower court.

Finally, the appellant files a reply brief where they address the respondent's claims and arguments, and reiterate why they believe the respondent is wrong and they are entitled to relief from the court of appeal. The court of appeal may request the parties submit additional briefing on specific issues. The parties may also participate in oral argument before the court of appeal, where each party has an opportunity to present its position to the court of appeal and answer questions from the appellate justices.

Once an appeal has been submitted to the court of appeal (usually after oral argument), it may take several months for the court of appeal to issue a decision. Once the decision is rendered, costs of the appeal are generally attributed to the losing party.

Hire a Ventura County attorney at Ridley Legal today if you want to retain an appellate attorney. Our committed team can provide you with a free consultation over the phone and can support you throughout your case!

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